Cab Calloway

What's the matter with you, pops? You sure look beat about the gills, this bright.
Oh, man, that soft cut out on me.
What you sayin'?
Yes, she copped a final on me.
I know you was too proud.
Solid M-O, man, but that's the last time for that jive.
I know you gonna tell her somethin'.

For the last time, I cried over you.
For the last time, I sighed over you.
I found out I can do without you.
Never thought that I could,
Never dreamed that I would.
Be feeling like I do, and not be feeling blue.
For the first time, there's a song in my heart,
Since the last time we drifted apart;
And when you said: "I'm afraid it's all over."
That was the first time I knew,
For the last time, now, I cried over you!

For the last time, for the very last time, baby.
For the last time, your daddy has cried... cried over you!

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