Miss You

Miss You


All, all it's not alright
Your role it played through time
Come and rescue me
You're needed here at home

And your space, a moment in time
A hand to hold a hand I tried
Who was it called to you?
Who called?
Your story's alive with hellos and goodbyes
Bright lights, first kiss and drunken nights
How I miss you

I miss you now and
Hey, I can't wait another day
And hey, that crooked smile upon your face
Oh they'll never get old
All the stories you told
From the beach to the ring
To the songs of your soul
How I miss you

And the rain
Falling cold outside
Covered me the day you died
You could have waited one more day
I should have called
I dream of your life, the war and the fight
The music you played, the love for your wife
And I miss you


And I miss you
I miss you now and hey

And I'm mad at the age
That stole you away
By surviving that beach
You gave me my stay
And I understand by this that I am
All that you were was changed by that sand
But I miss you


How I miss you

Written by OWENS, KIM L.
Published by Universal Music Publishing Group

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