Carlene Carter

In my Grandma's house her children would sing
Guitars a twangin' and their laughter would ring
I was little but I was the biggest kid
I wanted to do what the grown-ups did

In a big shiny car we'd head down the road
To sing for the miners who brought out the coal
Many a time I slept on the floorboard cold
On a quilt with my little sister
The Wildwood Rose

And if I could change a thing in this world
I'd go back to the days
When Grandma and her girls
Were singing sweet and low
For me and the Wildwood Rose

We'd be way down the road by the break of dawn
Biscuits and gravy and a truck stop song
In a world all my own I saw what I saw
And in the rear view mirror I'd get a wink from my Grandma


A lee a o a lee a o o lay dee who
A lee o lay dee

Oh I'll always remember the day that she died
My daddy he called me and he started to cry
I rode on an airplane with all of my pain
My tears would not stop
We stood in a circle and sang


For me and the Wildwood Rose
For me and the Wildwood Rose
For me and the Wildwood Rose
A lee a o
A lee a o lay dee who

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