Hello, Dolly!

Hello, Dolly!

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1Prologue (From "Hello, Dolly!") (Remastered 2003)Shepard Coleman
2I Put My Hand In (From "Hello, Dolly!") (Remastered 2003)Carol Channing;Shepard Coleman
3It Takes a Woman (From "Hello, Dolly!") (Remastered 2003)David Burns;Shepard Coleman
4Put On Your Sunday Clothes (From "Hello, Dolly!") (Remastered 2003)Charles Nelson Reilly;Jerry Dodge;Carol Channing;Igors Gavon;Shepard Coleman
5Ribbons Down My Back (From "Hello, Dolly!") (Remastered 2003)Eileen Brennan;Shepard Coleman
6Motherhood (From "Hello, Dolly!") (Remastered 2003)Carol Channing;Eileen Brennan;Sondra Lee;Shepard Coleman
7Dancing (From "Hello, Dolly!") (Remastered 2003)Carol Channing;Charles Nelson Reilly;Jerry Dodge;Eileen Brennan;Shepard Coleman
8Before the Parade Passes By (From "Hello, Dolly!") (Remastered 2003)Carol Channing;Shepard Coleman
9Elegance (From "Hello, Dolly!") (Remastered 2003)Eileen Brennan;Charles Nelson Reilly;Sondra Lee;Jerry Dodge;Shepard Coleman
10Hello, Dolly! (From "Hello, Dolly!") (Remastered 2003)Carol Channing;Shepard Coleman
11It Only Takes a Moment (From "Hello, Dolly!") (Remastered 2003)Charles Nelson Reilly;Eileen Brennan;Shepard Coleman
12So Long Dearie (From "Hello, Dolly!") (Remastered 2003)Carol Channing;Shepard Coleman
13Finale (From "Hello, Dolly!") (Remastered 2003)David Burns;Carol Channing;Shepard Coleman
14I Put My Hand In (From "Hello, Dolly!") (Remastered 2003)Mary Martin;Alyn Ainsworth
15Before the Parade Passes By (From "Hello, Dolly!") (Remastered 2003)Pearl Bailey;Saul Schechtman
16Hello, Dolly! (From "Hello, Dolly!") (Remastered 2003)Pearl Bailey;Saul Schechtman
17So Long Dearie (From "Hello, Dolly!") (Remastered 2003)Mary Martin;Alyn Ainsworth
18Love, Look in My Window (From "Hello, Dolly!") (Remastered 2003)Ethel Merman
19World, Take Me Back (From "Hello, Dolly!") (Remastered 2003)Ethel Merman
20On recording "Hello, Dolly!"Carol Channing
21When did you sense that "Hello, Dolly!" would be a hit?Carol Channing
22On the title numberCarol Channing
23"Dolly changed me;" the bookCarol Channing
24The plotCarol Channing
25Optimism, and finding one's characterCarol Channing
26The prime of lifeCarol Channing

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