Carol Channing

Hello, Dolly! (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

Hello, Dolly! (Original Broadway Cast Recording)

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  • Hello, Dolly! (Original Broadway Cast Recording)


1PrologueShepard Coleman
2I Put My Hand InCarol Channing;Hello, Dolly! Ensemble
3It Takes a WomanDavid Burns;Hello, Dolly! Ensemble
4Put on Your Sunday ClothesCharles Nelson Reilly;Jerry Dodge;Carol Channing;Igors Gavon;Hello, Dolly! Ensemble
5Ribbons Down My BackEileen Brennan
6MotherhoodCarol Channing;Eileen Brennan;Sondra Lee
7DancingCarol Channing;Charles Nelson Reilly;Jerry Dodge;Eileen Brennan
8Before the Parade Passes ByCarol Channing;Hello, Dolly! Ensemble
9EleganceEileen Brennan;Charles Nelson Reilly;Sondra Lee;Jerry Dodge
10Hello, Dolly!Carol Channing;Hello, Dolly! Ensemble
11It Only Takes a MomentCharles Nelson Reilly;Eileen Brennan;Hello, Dolly! Ensemble
12So Long DearieCarol Channing
13FinaleDavid Burns;Carol Channing;Hello, Dolly! Ensemble
14I Put My Hand In (Bonus Track)Mary Martin;Hello, Dolly! Ensemble (London) (1965)
15Before the Parade Passes By (Bonus Track)Pearl Bailey;Hello, Dolly! Ensemble (1967)
16Hello, Dolly! (Bonus Track)Pearl Bailey;Hello, Dolly! Ensemble (1967)
17So Long Dearie (Bonus Track)Mary Martin
18Love, Look in My Window (Bonus Track)Ethel Merman
19World, Take Me Back (Bonus Track)Ethel Merman
20Carol Channing Interview: On Recording Hello, Dolly!Carol Channing
21Carol Channing Interview: When Did You Sense That Hello, Dolly! Would Be a HitCarol Channing
22Carol Channing Interview: On the Title NumberCarol Channing
23Carol Channing Interview: Dolly Changed Me / The BookCarol Channing
24Carol Channing Interview: The PlotCarol Channing
25Carol Channing Interview: Optimism, and Finding One's CharacterCarol Channing
26Carol Channing Interview: The Prime of LifeCarol Channing

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