Rude Blues
    • Rude Blues
    • Released in 2011
    • 78 Songs


    1I'm A Doctor For WomenChampion Jack Dupree
    1Show Me What You GotVarious Artists
    1Bicycle TillieThe Swallows
    2Boar Hog BluesRalph Willis
    2Don't Sell It (Don't Give It Away)Buddy Woods
    2Work, Daddy, WorkVarious Artists
    3I Got What My Daddy LikesVarious Artists
    3My Wash Woman's GoneKansas Joe
    3Too Much BoogieJohn Lee Hooker
    4In Here With Your Heavy StuffIsabel Sykes
    4Auto Mechanic BluesBrownie McGhee
    4Sixty Minute ManBilly Ward & the Dominoes
    5LollypopHunter & Jenkins
    5Bed Springs BluesLittle Boy Fuller
    5Do You Want ItJulia Lee
    6Don't Come OverStella Johnson
    6Lemon Squeezing DaddyThe Sultans
    6Pipe Layin' BluesSt. Louis Jimmy Oden
    7Chocolate Pork Chop ManVarious Artists
    7One More GreasingVarious Artists
    7He's Just My SizeLillie Mae Kirkman
    8Let Me Play With Your PoodleTampa Red
    8Rocket 69Todd Rhodes
    8She Sells Good MeatJimmie Gordon
    9Horny FrogBig Bill Broonzy
    9The Walkin' BluesVarious Artists
    9Hard Lead PencilRoosevelt Sykes
    10One Hour MamaVictoria Spivey
    10She Squeezed My LemonVarious Artists
    10Jelly Roll BakerLonnie Johnson
    11Little Red Dress (Mary Usta Wear)Jimmie Gordon
    11On The WallLouise Johnson
    11Butcher PeteRoy Brown
    12Drill, Daddy, DrillVarious Artists
    12Take Your Finger Off ItMemphis Jug Band
    12Driving That ThingVarious Artists
    13I Knew He WouldVarious Artists
    13Fish House BluesVarious Artists
    13The Boy In The BoatVarious Artists
    14'Cause You're DirtyKokomo Arnold
    14Ride, Daddy, RideVarious Artists
    14Dresser With The DrawersVarious Artists
    15Keep On Churning ('Til The Butter Come)Wynonie Harris
    15Struttin' My StuffLucille Bogan
    15Meat BallsLil Johnson
    16Wipe It OffLonnie Johnson
    16Sweet PetuniaJesse James
    16Coffee Daddy BluesDanny Taylor
    17I'm Gonna Let Him RideHelen Humes
    17She's Got Jordan River In Her HipsVarious Artists
    17She Showed It OffVarious Artists
    18Steady Grinding BluesDorothy Baker
    18Think You Need A ShotWalter Davis
    18Something's Wrong With My Little MachineRobert Henry
    19I'm A Hi-Ballin' DaddyTiny Bradshaw
    19Pussy Cat, Pussy CatHannah May
    19Shave 'Em DryPapa Charlie Jackson
    20What's That I Smell?Various Artists
    20Too Many DriversRosetta Howard
    20Ram Rod DaddyBo Carter
    21Too Much Jelly RollFloyd Dixon
    21Poor Grinder BluesWalter Davis
    21I'm Gonna Keep My Hair PartedWashboard Sam
    22If It Don't Fit (Don't Force It)Various Artists
    22She Shook Her GinBarbecue Bob
    22Gonna Play With Your WomanWalter Brown
    23What's That Smells Like Fish?Blind Boy Fuller
    23My Butcher ManMemphis Minnie
    23Pool Playing BluesAmos Milburn
    24Don't Come Too SoonJulia Lee
    24Don't Mash My Digger So DeepBo Carter
    24The Honey DripperRoosevelt Sykes
    25I'm Gonna Tell You In Front So You Won't Feel Hurt BehindCow Cow Davenport
    25I'm A Boogie ManJohn Lee Hooker
    25Coffee Grindin' BluesLucille Bogan
    26Terrible Operation BluesVarious Artists
    26Big Ten InchBull Moose Jackson
    26Gas Man BluesMae Glover

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