The Outermost House
    • The Outermost House
    • Released in 1998
    • 25 Songs


    1The Outermost House: East of AmericaChatham Chorale
    2The Outermost House: My Western WindowsChatham Chorale
    3The Outermost House: A New Sound on the BeachChatham Chorale
    4The Outermost House: The Sea Has Many VoicesChatham Chorale
    5The Outermost House: Now Come the Sea FowlChatham Chorale
    6The Outermost House: Glorious White BirdsChatham Chorale
    7The Outermost House: A Year IndoorsChatham Chorale
    8The Outermost House: That Multiplicity of Insect TracksChatham Chorale
    9The Outermost House: The Wreck of the MontclairChatham Chorale
    10The Outermost House: Night on the Great BeachChatham Chorale
    11The Outermost House: It Was Still NightChatham Chorale
    12The Outermost House: My Year Upon the BeachChatham Chorale
    13The Outermost House: Hold Out Your Hands Over the EarthChatham Chorale
    14The Canticle of the Sun: ProcessionalChatham Chorale
    15The Canticle of the Sun: St. Frrancis saidChatham Chorale
    16The Canticle of the Sun: Altissimu onnipotente bon signoreChatham Chorale
    17The Canticle of the Sun: St. Francis called these versesChatham Chorale
    18The Canticle of the Sun: Laudatu sie, mi signoreChatham Chorale
    19The Canticle of the Sun: Now after St. Francis had composed these versesChatham Chorale
    20The Canticle of the Sun: Laudato si', mi signore, per quelli che perdonanoChatham Chorale
    21The Canticle of the Sun: Now it was toward the end of his lifeChatham Chorale
    22The Canticle of the Sun: Laudato si', mi signore, per sora nostra morte corporaleChatham Chorale
    23The Canticle of the Sun: In every work of the artistChatham Chorale
    24The Canticle of the Sun: Laudate et benedicite mi signoreChatham Chorale
    25The Canticle of the Sun: Franciscus vir catholicusChatham Chorale

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