I Want To  (Album Version)

I Want To (Album Version)

Cheyenne Kimball

I hope I'm born a thousand times
It'll give me more time
To speak my mind
And I hope I travel everywhere
And that every road
Leads me to somewhere
That I've never been before
And if they won't let me in
Then I'm breaking down the door

Because I want to I want to
Everybody wants to
Have a little fun in life
Because I want to want to
Everybody wants you
When you learn to
Have a good time so
Breathe in let go
The music's gonna rock
Until it rolls
Do what I wanna do wanna
Because I want to want to

Where I come from
They don't understand
What's going on
While they're making plans
But there's a world
Outside this living room
Get up on the roof
Get up on the roof yeah
So many lines to cross
I wanna feel every breath
And I'm never gonna stop.

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