My Forbidden Lover (LP Version)

My Forbidden Lover (LP Version)


I fell in love
And I didn't want to do it 'cause of you
But your love wasn't true
You try to hide that (silver) stone appearance

And the lies, those other lies
You'll give your love to anyone who as, yes you do
And I know that it's true
But still I care

And I want to see you there
When I need, yes indeed you are

[Chorus: x 4]

I can't resist
Those really strong urges to have you dear
Oh please come here
Just let me love you

Anytime and anyplace we're there
We'll just let them stare
You want to love everybody, and everything you can
You're the typical man

Yet still and all
I'm at your very call
When you need, yes indeed you are

[Chorus: x 4]

My love is forbidden
We keep on (repeating)
My love is forbidden
We keep on (repeating) [Repeat: x 2]

[Chorus until fade]

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