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    1Movin' In (Remastered)Chicago
    2The Road (Remastered)Chicago
    3Poem For The People (Remastered)Chicago
    4In The Country (Remastered Version)Chicago
    5Wake Up Sunshine (Remastered)Chicago
    6Make Me Smile (Remastered)Chicago
    7So Much To Say, So Much To Give (Remastered)Chicago
    8Anxiety's Moment (Remastered)Chicago
    9West Virginia Fantasies (Remastered)Chicago
    10Colour My World (Remastered Version)Chicago
    11To Be Free (Remastered)Chicago
    12Now More Than Ever (Remastered)Chicago
    13Fancy Colours (Remastered)Chicago
    1425 Or 6 To 4 (Remastered)Chicago
    15Prelude (Remastered)Chicago
    16A.M. Mourning (Remastered)Chicago
    17P.M. Mourning (Remastered)Chicago
    18Memories Of Love (Remastered)Chicago
    19It Better End Soon, 1st Movement (Remastered)Chicago
    20It Better End Soon, 2nd Movement (Remastered)Chicago
    21It Better End Soon, 3rd Movement (Remastered)Chicago
    22It Better End Soon, 4th Movement (Remastered)Chicago
    23Where Do We Go From Here (Remastered)Chicago
    24Make Me Smile (Remastered Single Version)Chicago
    2525 Or 6 To 4 (Remastered SINGLE Version)Chicago

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