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    1Sing A Mean Tune Kid (Remastered Version)Chicago
    2Loneliness In Just A Word (Remastered Version)Chicago
    3What Else Can I Say (Remastered Version)Chicago
    4I Don't Want Your Money (Remastered Version)Chicago
    5Flight 602 (Remastered Version)Chicago
    6Motorboat To Mars (Remastered Version)Chicago
    7Free (Remastered Version)Chicago
    8Free Country (Remastered Version)Chicago
    9At The Sunrise (Remastered Version)Chicago
    10Happy 'Cause I'm Going Home (Remastered Version)Chicago
    11Mother (Remastered Version)Chicago
    12Lowdown (Remastered Version)Chicago
    13A Hard Risin' Morning Without Breakfast (Remastered Version)Chicago
    14Off To Work (Remastered Version)Chicago
    15Fallin' Out (Remastered Version)Chicago
    16Dreamin' Home (Remastered Version)Chicago
    17Morning Blues Again (Remastered Version)Chicago
    18When All The Laughter Dies In Sorrow (Remastered Version)Chicago
    19Canon (Remastered Version)Chicago
    20Once Upon A Time (Remastered Version)Chicago
    21Progress? (Remastered Version)Chicago
    22The Approaching Storm (Remastered Version)Chicago
    23Man Vs. Man: The End (Remastered Version)Chicago

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