Heart of Stone

Heart of Stone

Chris Knight

I grew up near what they call the flats
Ain't too many people knows where its at
Cant hear the highway cant see a way out
I guarantee it ain't nothin' worth cryin' about

Daddy left us all back in '91
Left us all wonderin' what it was we done
Id stand in the yard and stare down the road
I guess I must have missed how I just don't know

Got the broken promises
Got the broken home
Don't break yourself on a
Heart of stone

I married a girl I met in Tennessee
The baby didn't make it, so neither did we
I still think about her but shes fadin' fast
It don't do no good dwellin' on the past


Well I call momma every now and then
To say I'm comin' home but I don't know when
Well I ran into daddy but its been so long
I don't tell momma, I don't let on


Well I got drunk with daddy just the other night
He said "he was glad to see I turned out alright"
I hear people sayin' "like father like son"
Don't think about it much but I worry bout it some

A heart of stone
Don't break yourself
On a heart of stone
Don't break yourself
On a heart of stone

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