The Couch Album
    • The Couch Album
    • Released in 2011
    • 82 Songs


    1Last NightChris Lawhorn
    2On the PorchChris Lawhorn
    3He Never TalksChris Lawhorn
    4Every NightChris Lawhorn
    5There Once Was A ManChris Lawhorn
    6There He GoesChris Lawhorn
    7Making Tea AgainChris Lawhorn
    8Beautiful GirlsChris Lawhorn
    9Is There A God?Chris Lawhorn
    10So HotChris Lawhorn
    11Randy HymanChris Lawhorn
    12Ayn RandChris Lawhorn
    13I'm In A BandChris Lawhorn
    14Another BlanketChris Lawhorn
    15This Lady I Know Had A PartyChris Lawhorn
    16AudreyChris Lawhorn
    17My Dad Never Reads BooksChris Lawhorn
    18It's AwesomeChris Lawhorn
    19Eric and I Thought He Was DeadChris Lawhorn
    20Not ReallyChris Lawhorn
    21Grabbing the WallChris Lawhorn
    22A Real CatchChris Lawhorn
    23PaintingsChris Lawhorn
    24A Headache For Four YearsChris Lawhorn
    25Everything He CooksChris Lawhorn
    26Al Green (Take One)Chris Lawhorn
    27Al Green (Take Two)Chris Lawhorn
    28James Doesn't Go to ThanksgivingChris Lawhorn
    29If I Wasn't A VeganChris Lawhorn
    30Longfellow SerenadeChris Lawhorn
    31Take Off Your ShirtChris Lawhorn
    32Ain't It A Shame?Chris Lawhorn
    33The Dark KumiteChris Lawhorn
    34Making MochiChris Lawhorn
    35A Package Or TwoChris Lawhorn
    36Guns N' Roses' Show At Rock In RioChris Lawhorn
    37HeadstandChris Lawhorn
    38NastyChris Lawhorn
    39Two GirlsChris Lawhorn
    40An InfidelChris Lawhorn
    41Trying To Take My BathChris Lawhorn
    42Cool ThingsChris Lawhorn
    43Red PopChris Lawhorn
    44The SecretChris Lawhorn
    45Quit WhistlingChris Lawhorn
    46I'm Awesome At SportsChris Lawhorn
    47SaltinesChris Lawhorn
    48So FlyChris Lawhorn
    49GuessChris Lawhorn
    50Civil War Unicorn (Excerpt)Chris Lawhorn
    51BabeChris Lawhorn
    52In His Own WayChris Lawhorn
    53Now I DoChris Lawhorn
    54With GirlsChris Lawhorn
    55PrintsChris Lawhorn
    56Spanish ToothpasteChris Lawhorn
    57Hole In My LegChris Lawhorn
    58To The TheatreChris Lawhorn
    59Probably NicerChris Lawhorn
    60The RealizationChris Lawhorn
    61A Play About My LifeChris Lawhorn
    62Look And Look And LookChris Lawhorn
    63Red DawgChris Lawhorn
    64The Kind Of Thing That Would Drive Me WildChris Lawhorn
    65That Very Same NightChris Lawhorn
    66She Was A HairdresserChris Lawhorn
    67$2Chris Lawhorn
    68Me And My Dad (Take One)Chris Lawhorn
    69Me And My Dad (Take Two)Chris Lawhorn
    70My Favorite PartChris Lawhorn
    71I'll BetChris Lawhorn
    72YesterdayChris Lawhorn
    73The Last MonthChris Lawhorn
    74I Touch MyselfChris Lawhorn
    7548% InterestChris Lawhorn
    76#1 TacticChris Lawhorn
    77SnapshotChris Lawhorn
    78The Way It IsChris Lawhorn
    79Thank GodChris Lawhorn
    80JakeTheSnakeDDT.comChris Lawhorn
    81The Other Night (Take One)Chris Lawhorn
    82The Other Night (Take Two)Chris Lawhorn

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