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Surf Music For A Summer's Day

Surf Music For A Summer's Day

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1Surfer's HolidayAnnette Funicello
2Surfin' Steel (Cryin' Steel)Chuck Berry
3GinchyBert Weedon
4Wipe OutThe Surfaris
5Surf BeatVarious Artists
6Your Baby's Gone Surfin'Various Artists
7Bustin' SurfboardsThe Tornadoes
8The Waves On The SeaThe Lilly Brothers
9Surf CityVarious Artists
10Surfer JoeThe Surfaris
11Surfin'The Beach Boys
12Surfin BirdThe Trashmen
13King Of The Surf GuitarVarious Artists
14PerfidiaThe Ventures
15The Wah WatusiThe Isley Brothers
16SleepwalkThe Ventures
17Moonlight BayThe Champs
18Beach ComberConway Twitty
19Beach PartyAnnette Funicello
20Hokey PokeyThe Champs
21Lido BeachSanto & Johnny
22CarambaThe Champs
23Midnight Beach PartySanto & Johnny
24Muscle Beach PartyAnnette Funicello
25Alley CatThe Champs
26Jumping BeanThe Champs
27The Monkey's UncleAnnette Funicello
28Twistin' U.S.A.Chubby Checker
29CantinaThe Champs
30Let's Twist AgainChubby Checker
31Twist And ShoutDel Shannon
32Twistin' With LindaThe Isley Brothers
33Beach Party TonightAnnette Funicello
34The Little MatadorThe Champs
35Rubberleg TwistThe Isley Brothers
36Twistin' The StompFats Domino
37Coconut GroveThe Champs
38Gone TrainThe Champs
39Bikini BeachAnnette Funicello
40PipelineThe Chantays
41Wah WatusiAnnette Funicello
42Night TrainThe Champs
43The TwistChubby Checker
44Bikini Beach PartyAnnette Funicello
45PenetrationThe Pyramids
46MiserlouVarious Artists
47BossThe Rumblers
48Hey Little CobraThe Rip Chords
49Surfer's StompVarious Artists
50Tall PaulAnnette Funicello
51409Various Artists
52Let's TwistAnnette Funicello
53Surfin' SafariThe Beach Boys
54The Lonely SurferJack Nitzsche
55Chariot RockThe Champs
56Little Deuce CoupeThe Beach Boys
57Surfin' TragedyVarious Artists
58Double Eagle RockThe Champs
59BajaThe Astronauts
60Body SurfVarious Artists
61Surf RiderThe Lively Ones
62Blue SurfThe Impacts
63ExoticVarious Artists
64Surfer GirlThe Beach Boys
65Mr. MotoVarious Artists
66We're Goin' SurfinThe Wailers
67MidnighterThe Champs
68Walk Don't RunThe Ventures
69Mr. RebelVarious Artists
70Surfin' At MazatlandThe Centurions
71Surfin' HootenannyVarious Artists
72HomicidalVarious Artists
73Twitchin'Pastel Six
74Surf RatThe Rumblers
75BeatnikThe Champs
76Ram-ChargerVarious Artists
77KukThe Astronauts
79Soul SurferVarious Artists
80Muscle BeachThe Super Stocks
81JezabelVarious Artists
82The Rising SurfVarious Artists
83Hot Doggin'The Astronauts
84StampedeThe Scarlets
85UnderwaterThe Frogmen
86BatmanThe Astronauts
87Riding The WavesDee Dee Sharp
88The FaceThe Champs
89FinkThe Starfires
90Bust OutThe Busters
91TecumsehVarious Artists
92Somethin' ElseThe Starfires
93Pray For SurfThe Honeys
94Ali BabaVarious Artists
95Breakfast At TresselsThe Rhythm Rockers
96Banzai PipelineThe Astronauts
97Waikiki RumbleVarious Artists
98Chinese SurfVarious Artists
99High TideThe Lively Ones
100Guitars, Guitars, GuitarsAl Casey
101El Rancho RockThe Champs
102PressureThe Pyramids

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