The Folkways Years, 1944-1961

    The Folkways Years, 1944-1961
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    • The Folkways Years, 1944-1961


    1I Ain't Got No Home in This World AnymoreCisco Houston
    2Hard TravelingCisco Houston
    3Rambling Gambling ManCisco Houston
    4Hobo BillCisco Houston
    5Better World A-Comin'Cisco Houston
    6Strawberry RoanCisco Houston
    7The Great American BumCisco Houston
    8Intoxicated RatCisco Houston
    9The Cat Came BackCisco Houston
    10The Frozen LoggerCisco Houston
    11Pat Works on the Railroad (Paddy Works on the Railroad)Cisco Houston
    12Dark as the DungeonCisco Houston
    13Diamond JoeCisco Houston
    14The Girl in the WoodCisco Houston
    15Ship in the SkyCisco Houston
    16The FoxCisco Houston
    17What Did the Deep Sea Say?Cisco Houston
    18St. James InfirmaryCisco Houston
    19Born 100,000 Years AgoCisco Houston
    20The Preacher and the Slave (Pie in the Sky)Cisco Houston
    21Mysteries of a Hobo's LifeCisco Houston
    22900 MilesCisco Houston
    23Great July JonesCisco Houston
    24Picture from Life's Other SideCisco Houston
    25Farmer's LamentCisco Houston
    26The KillerCisco Houston
    27I Ride an Old PaintCisco Houston
    28Zebra DunCisco Houston
    29Passing ThroughCisco Houston

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