The Essential Clannad
    • The Essential Clannad
    • Released in 2012
    • 30 Songs


    1I Will Find You (Theme From "The Last Of The Mohicans") (Remastered in 2004)Clannad
    1Ri Na Cruinne (Remastered in 2003)Clannad
    2In A Lifetime (Remastered 2003)Clannad & Bono
    2Theme From Harry's Game (Remastered 2003)Clannad
    3You're The One (Remastered in 2003)Clannad
    3Caislean Óir (Remastered 2003)Clannad
    4Something to Believe In (Remastered)Clannad & Bruce Hornsby
    4Newgrange (Remastered 2003)Clannad
    5Robin (The Hooded Man) (Remastered 2003)Clannad
    5Buachaill an Éirne (Remastered 2003)Clannad
    6Almost Seems (Too Late To Turn) (Remastered 2003)Clannad
    6Fado (Remastered in 2004)Clannad;Ian Melrose
    7Broken Pieces (Remastered in 2004)Clannad
    7Anam (Remastered in 2003)Clannad
    8Closer To Your Heart (Remastered 2003)Clannad
    8Coinleach Glas An Fhómhair (Remastered 2003)Clannad
    9Why Worry? (Remastered in 2003)Clannad
    9Na Laethe Bhí (Remastered in 2004)Clannad
    10Mystery Game (Remastered in 2004)Clannad
    10Of This Land (Remastered in 2004)Clannad;John McSherry;Ian Parker;Anto Drennan;Deirdre Brennan
    11A Bridge (That Carries Us Over) (Remastered in 2004)Clannad
    11Tá' Mé Mo Shuí (Remastered 2003)Clannad
    12The HunterClannad
    12Poison Glen (Remastered in 2003)Clannad
    13White Fool (Remastered 2003)Clannad feat. Steve Perry
    13Uirchill An Chreagain (Remastered in 2003)Clannad
    14There For You (Remastered in 2004)Clannad
    14The Bridge Of Tears (Remastered in 2004)Clannad;Noel Duggan;Ian Melrose;Paul Moran;Anto Drennan;David Downes;Ian Parker
    15Let Me See (Remastered in 2004)Clannad;Anto Drennan;Ian Parker;Deirdre Brennan;Paul Moran
    15Banba Oir (Remastered in 2004)Clannad

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