Cledus T. Judd

Paul does this kind of thing everyday
Yeah, like what, skip a rehearsal, you know we got the CNL Awards tomorrow night
What are we gonna do about a drummer?
Hey you, come here, you ever played drums before?
Want to?
Get in there and beat em then!

Okay hot dog, start the song you little show boat!
Who do you think you are, Tommy Lee Jhones?
Let's go!
Not bad for a four year old!

Been dang near two years since I've had a beer
By gosh that's changing tonight
Gonna start me a tab and call me a cab (>whistle< Taxie!)
Might even get in a fight
I ain't gonna hold it forever
Gonna have myself a night I can't remember

Miller Lights, shot a crown
Man that stuff hurts going down
One too many coke and jacks
It'll all come flooding back
That ol' quervo's way too strong
But one more 'for I go home
Fire up the blender
Gonna have myself a night I can't remember

Get me a cold towel and a gun

Drunk ain't my style
And it'll be a long while 'for I pull that stunt again
Oh my head
Tylenol and tums
Oh no here it comes
I'm praying to the porcline
This hangover can't last forever
Dun had myself a night I can't remember

Shot out the lights, kick down the door
Woke up face down on the floor
I'd better call someone and ask how I'd wound up in this cast
I've got stamps on both my hands
I wonder who slung that beer can right through my winder
Dun had myself a night I can't remember

My dang liver's nearly gone
And this ain't where I belong
Hey thanks bartender
Dun had myself a night I can't remember

Twelve steps my foot!
I can't even take two!
And by the way kid, you're hired!
Just no drinking!
I made it

Published by MIKE CURB MUSIC

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