Clyde McPhatter

Lover Please/The Complete MGM & Mercury Singles

Lover Please/The Complete MGM & Mercury Singles

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  • Lover Please/The Complete MGM & Mercury Singles


1I Told Myself A LieClyde McPhatter
1I Never KnewClyde McPhatter
2(I’m Afraid) The Masquerade Is OverClyde McPhatter
2HappinessClyde McPhatter
3Twice As NiceClyde McPhatter
3Same Time Same PlaceClyde McPhatter
4Where Did I Make My MistakeClyde McPhatter
4Your Second ChoiceClyde McPhatter
5Let's Try AgainClyde McPhatter
5Lover PleaseClyde McPhatter
6Bless YouClyde McPhatter
6Let's Forget About The PastClyde McPhatter
7Think Me A KissClyde McPhatter
7Little Bitty Pretty OneClyde McPhatter
8When The Right Time Comes AlongClyde McPhatter
8Next To MeClyde McPhatter
9One Right After The OtherClyde McPhatter
9MaybeClyde McPhatter
10This Is Not GoodbyeClyde McPhatter
10I Do BelieveClyde McPhatter
11The Glory Of LoveClyde McPhatter
11The Best Man CriedClyde McPhatter
12Take A StepClyde McPhatter
12StopClyde McPhatter
13Ta TaClyde McPhatter
13So Close To Being In LoveClyde McPhatter
14I Ain’t Giving Up Nothing (If I Can’t Get Somethin’ From You)Clyde McPhatter
14From One To OneClyde McPhatter
15I Just Want To Love YouClyde McPhatter
15Deep In The Heart Of HarlemClyde McPhatter
16You're For MeClyde McPhatter
16Happy Good TimesClyde McPhatter
17One More ChanceClyde McPhatter
17Second Window, Second FloorClyde McPhatter
18Before I Fall In Love AgainClyde McPhatter
18In My TenementClyde McPhatter
19Tomorrow Is A CominClyde McPhatter
19LucilleClyde McPhatter
20I'll Love You Till The Cows Come HomeClyde McPhatter
20Baby, BabyClyde McPhatter
21Whole Heap Of LoveClyde McPhatter
21Crying Won't Help You NowClyde McPhatter
22You're Moving MeClyde McPhatter
22I Found My LoveClyde McPhatter

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