The Complete Roadrunner Collection 1997-2003

The Complete Roadrunner Collection 1997-2003

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  • The Complete Roadrunner Collection 1997-2003


1LocoCoal Chamber
1Headstones And The Walking DeadCoal Chamber
1FiendCoal Chamber
1MistCoal Chamber
2Big Truck (Hand-On-Wheel Mix)Coal Chamber
2GlowCoal Chamber
2BradleyCoal Chamber
2TragedyCoal Chamber
3WatershedCoal Chamber
3Pig (Original Version)Coal Chamber
3El Cu CuyCoal Chamber
3OddityCoal Chamber
4UnspoiledCoal Chamber
4UntrueCoal Chamber
4Something Told MeCoal Chamber
4Bradley (Going Postal Mix a/k/a Radio Mix)Coal Chamber
5Dark DaysCoal Chamber
5Tyler's SongCoal Chamber
5Big TruckCoal Chamber
5Sway (Hypno-Submissive Mix)Coal Chamber
6Not Living (Original Version)Coal Chamber
6Alienate MeCoal Chamber
6SwayCoal Chamber
6What's In Your MindCoal Chamber
7BlistersCoal Chamber
7FirstCoal Chamber
7Not LivingCoal Chamber
7One StepCoal Chamber
8Shock The MonkeyCoal Chamber
8Maricon PutoCoal Chamber
8El Cu Cuy (Man-To-Monster Mix)Coal Chamber
8FriendCoal Chamber
9RowboatCoal Chamber
9WishesCoal Chamber
9ICoal Chamber
9BurgundyCoal Chamber
10DroveCoal Chamber
10EntwinedCoal Chamber
10ClockCoal Chamber
10ApparitionCoal Chamber
11My FrustrationCoal Chamber
11Empty JarCoal Chamber
11AnxietyCoal Chamber
11Feed My DreamsCoal Chamber
12My MercyCoal Chamber
12Save YourselfCoal Chamber
12BeckonedCoal Chamber
12Amir Of The DesertCoal Chamber
13No HomeCoal Chamber
13One Step (Chop Shop Mix a/k/a Scott Humphrey Mix)Coal Chamber
13DreamtimeCoal Chamber
14Pig (w/ hidden message + silence)Coal Chamber
14Big Truck (Live)Coal Chamber
14Shari VegasCoal Chamber
15I (Demo)Coal Chamber
15NotionCoal Chamber
16Oddity (Demo)Coal Chamber
16Anything But YouCoal Chamber
17Sway (Demo)Coal Chamber
18Unspoiled (Demo)Coal Chamber
19Loco (Demo)Coal Chamber
20Babbit (Demo)Coal Chamber

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