Misunderstood (Album Version)

Misunderstood (Album Version)


Baby, you understand me now
Sometimes you see that I'm mad
No one can always be an angel
When everything goes wrong you see some bad
I'm just a soul who's intention's are good
Oh lord, please don't let me be misunderstood

We do this, for the people that walk that path
Trying to get to they dream

He stood on the corner with the rest of them
Though he knew that this corner wasn't the best of them
Hard streets and the life that arrested him
Dirt police domestic beefs thats festering
He Knew that the president wasn't addressing him

Though dead presidents was addressing him
Two kids from hot sex no protection and
People don't see how AIDS is affecting him
He get hard you get to get to god questioning

Can't find a job so ya robbing and hustling
He killed Marx and sold dope for cousin them
Can't believe that they would be the ones bucking him
He on the ground he could feel god touching him

He heard the sound of his mom saying trust in him
And heaven's gates saying lord please let me in
or send me back to tell my people to be better man

Misunderstood (Because we are)
Don't let me be misunderstood, don't
Misunderstood, don't
Don't let me be misunderstood, don't (uh yea)
I'm just human

She dance and she dance she dance for them
Her body move but her mind was manicking
Thinking I don't know where they hands had been
Relationships with men have been so damaging

She thought back to when she was in howard and
Dreams of doing scenes with Terence Howard and
Broadway plays and dancing with Alv and them
The ones that make it always ain't the talented

Some dreams get lost never to be found again
At first stripping seemed so empowering
Most every girl wanna do it now and then
But being me everyday is devouring

Cast written paper where she put powder in
Life would break up now she powdering
She was high when she fell down and then
Crowd surrounding and heart was pounding and

She fell into a deep sleep, the siren sounded and
Seeing bright lights in the mist of clouds and then
Talk to god feeling like his child again
said lord let me live so I can make you wild again


The life we lead, will always lead us
and we pray that he will never leave us
It's the price we pay, I guess that's the reason
Why my grandma say, we all need Jesus [Repeat: x2]


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