The Complete Clef & Verve Fifties Studio Recordings
    • The Complete Clef & Verve Fifties Studio Recordings
    • Released in 2012
    • 146 Songs


    1The New Basie BluesCount Basie
    1Cash BoxCount Basie
    1Basie BeatCount Basie & His Orchestra
    1Slow But SureCount Basie
    1Every Day I Have The BluesCount Basie
    1Smack Dab In The MiddleCount Basie
    1Blues Inside OutCount Basie
    1April In ParisElla Fitzgerald
    2The New Basie BluesCount Basie
    2Cash BoxCount Basie
    2She's Funny That WayCount Basie
    2You For MeCount Basie
    2The ComebackCount Basie
    2Shiny StockingsCount Basie & His Orchestra
    2Dolphin DipCount Basie
    2Too Close For ComfortCount Basie
    3Sure ThingCount Basie
    3BootsieCount Basie
    3Count's Organ BluesCount Basie & His Orchestra
    3She's Just My SizeCount Basie
    3Alright, Okay, You WinCount Basie
    3What Am I Here For?Count Basie
    3Flute JuiceCount Basie
    3Every Day I Have The BluesCount Basie
    4Why NotCount Basie
    4BootsieCount Basie
    4K.C. Organ BluesCount Basie
    4Soft DrinkCount Basie
    4In The Evening (When The Sun Goes Down)Joe Williams
    4What Am I Here For?Count Basie & His Orchestra
    4Lady In LaceCount Basie
    4Party BluesJoe Williams
    5Fawncy Meetin' YouCount Basie
    5Tom WhaleyCount Basie
    5Blue And SentimentalCount Basie
    5Two For The BluesCount Basie
    5April In ParisCount Basie & His Orchestra
    5MagicCount Basie & His Orchestra
    5Stompin' & Jumpin'Count Basie
    5Don't Worry 'Bout MeElla Fitzgerald
    6Jive At FiveCount Basie & His Orchestra
    6Blues For The Count And OscarCount Basie
    6Stan ShorthairCount Basie & His Orchestra
    6Blues BackstageCount Basie
    6April In ParisCount Basie
    6MagicCount Basie & His Orchestra
    6Trick Or TreatCount Basie
    6Low LifeCount Basie
    7No NameCount Basie
    7Blues For The Count And OscarCount Basie
    7As Long As I LiveCount Basie & His Orchestra
    7I Feel Like A New ManCount Basie
    7Corner PocketCount Basie
    7MagicCount Basie & His Orchestra
    7MoveCount Basie
    7SlatsCount Basie
    8No NameCount Basie
    8Be My GuestCount Basie
    8Royal Garden BluesCount Basie
    8Down For The CountCount Basie
    8Corner PocketCount Basie & His Orchestra
    8MidgetsCount Basie & His Orchestra
    8As I Love YouCount Basie
    8LollypopCount Basie
    9RedheadCount Basie
    9You're Not The KindCount Basie
    9Plymouth RockCount Basie
    9StereophonicCount Basie
    9Did'n YouCount Basie
    9MidgetsCount Basie
    9Stop! Don't!Joe Williams
    9LollypopCount Basie
    10Every TubCount Basie & His Orchestra
    10Extended BluesOscar Peterson
    10Blues Go Away!Count Basie
    10Sixteen Men SwingingCount Basie
    10Did'n YouCount Basie
    10Amazing LoveCount Basie
    10OinkCount Basie
    10Too Close For ComfortJoe Williams
    11Jack And JillCount Basie
    11Let Me DreamCount Basie & His Orchestra
    11Peace PipeCount Basie
    11Ska-di-dle-dee-bee-dooCount Basie
    11Teach Me TonightJoe Williams
    11Only ForeverCount Basie
    11I'm Beginning To See The LightCount Basie
    11One O'Clock JumpElla Fitzgerald
    12Jack And JillCount Basie
    12Sent For You Yesterday And Here You Come TodayCount Basie
    12Straight LifeCount Basie
    12PerdidoCount Basie
    12My Baby Upsets MeCount Basie
    12Stop, Pretty Baby, StopElla Fitzgerald
    12I'm Beginning To See The LightJoe Williams
    12One O'Clock JumpCount Basie
    13BreadCount Basie
    13Goin' To Chicago BluesCount Basie
    13BubblesCount Basie
    13Mambo MistCount Basie
    13Please Send Me Someone To LoveCount Basie
    13Mambo InnCount Basie & His Orchestra
    13Our Love Is Here To StayJoe Williams
    13Basie's Back In TownCount Basie
    14There's A Small HotelCount Basie
    14I Want A Little GirlCount Basie & His Orchestra
    14Softly, With FeelingCount Basie
    14EventideCount Basie
    14Ev'ry Day (I Fall In Love)Count Basie
    14Big RedCount Basie
    14A Fine RomanceCount Basie & His Orchestra
    14From Coast To CoastCount Basie
    15Hob Nail BoogieCount Basie & His Orchestra
    15Oh Lady Be GoodCount Basie Sextet
    15Cherry PointCount Basie
    15Two FranksCount Basie
    15Roll 'Em PeteCount Basie
    15Dinner With FriendsCount Basie & His Orchestra
    15NeverthelessCount Basie
    15JamboreeCount Basie
    16Basie TalksCount Basie
    16Song Of The IslandsCount Basie & His Orchestra
    16Basie Goes WessCount Basie
    16Ain't Misbehavin'Count Basie
    16Sweetie CakesCount Basie
    16Singin' In The RainCount Basie
    16I Don't Like You No MoreCount Basie
    17Paradise SquatCount Basie
    17Right OnCount Basie
    17RailsCount Basie
    17There Will Never Be Another YouCount Basie
    17One O'Clock JumpCount Basie & His Orchestra
    18Paradise SquatCount Basie
    18The Blues Done Come BackCount Basie
    18My Baby Just Cares For MeCount Basie
    19U.F.O.Count Basie
    19'S WonderfulJoe Williams
    20Like A Ship At SeaCount Basie
    20This Can't Be LoveJoe Williams
    21BunnyCount Basie
    21Come Rain Or Come ShineCount Basie & His Orchestra
    22Tippin' On The Q.T.Count Basie
    22I Can't Believe That You're In Love With MeJoe Williams
    23Tippin' On The Q.T.Count Basie
    23Thou SwellCount Basie
    24Blee Blop BluesCount Basie

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