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The Complete Count Basie

The Complete Count Basie

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1One O'Clock JumpCount Basie
2April In ParisCount Basie
3Big RedCount Basie
4Blues Inside OutCount Basie
5Boogie Woogie BluesCount Basie
6Canadian SunsetCount Basie
7Corner PocketCount Basie
8Did'n YouCount Basie
9DinahCount Basie
10Dinner With FriendsCount Basie
11Dolphin DipCount Basie
12Every TubCount Basie
13Flat Foot FloogieCount Basie
14From Coast To CoastCount Basie
15Good Morning BluesCount Basie
16I Want a Little GirlCount Basie
17IndianaCount Basie
18Jive At FiveCount Basie
19John's IdeaCount Basie
20Lady Be GoodCount Basie
21Lady In LaceCount Basie
22LollypopCount Basie
23Low LifeCount Basie
24MagicCount Basie
25Mambo InnCount Basie
26MidgetsCount Basie
27More Than One For My BabyCount Basie
28Moten SwingCount Basie
29MoveCount Basie
30One O'Clock Jump ,Version 2Count Basie
31PerdidoCount Basie
32Please Don't Talk To Me When I'm GoneCount Basie
33Rhythm In My Nursery RhymesCount Basie
34Sent For You YesterdayCount Basie
35Shiny StockingsCount Basie
36SlatsCount Basie
37Song Of The WandererCount Basie
38Stompin' and Jumpin'Count Basie
39Study In BrownCount Basie
40Sweety CakesCount Basie
41Too Marvellous For WordsCount Basie
42Trick Or TreatCount Basie
43What Am I Here ForCount Basie

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