The Golden Years
    • The Golden Years
    • Released in 2007
    • 61 Songs


    1Basie PowerCount Basie & His Orchestra
    1Doubling BluesCount Basie
    1The Heat's OnCount Basie
    1I'm Getting Sentimental Over YouElla Fitzgerald
    2The Meetin'Count Basie & His Orchestra
    2Baby LawrenceCount Basie Trio
    2Orange SherbertCount Basie
    2My Kind Of Trouble Is YouElla Fitzgerald
    3Blues In Hoss's FlatCount Basie & His Orchestra
    3BurningCount Basie
    3TickerCount Basie & His Orchestra
    3Don't Worry 'Bout MeElla Fitzgerald
    4Why NotCount Basie Big Band
    4Captain BlighCount Basie
    4Swee' PeaCount Basie & His Orchestra
    4Lena And LennieMilt Jackson
    5Good Times BluesCount Basie Big Band
    5Honeysuckle RoseCount Basie
    5Prime TimeCount Basie & His Orchestra
    5The HoneydripperCount Basie
    6Festival BluesCount Basie
    6Blues For EricCount Basie
    6Corner PocketCount Basie Big Band
    6Blues Around The ClockCount Basie
    7SplankyCount Basie Big Band
    7I Surrender DearCount Basie
    7Every TubMilt Jackson
    7Flip Flop And FlyCount Basie
    8The More I See YouCount Basie Big Band
    8One O'Clock JumpCount Basie
    8How Sweet It IsCount Basie Orchestra
    8My Jug And ICount Basie
    9I Needs To Be Bee'd WithCount Basie Big Band
    9Memories Of YouCount Basie
    9C.B. ExpressCount Basie Orchestra
    9Cherry RedCount Basie
    10Bookie BluesCount Basie Big Band
    10You Got ItCount Basie
    10Beaver JunctionCount Basie
    10Wee BabyCount Basie
    11All Of MeCount Basie
    11Ode To PresCount Basie
    11Way Out BasieCount Basie
    11Blues For Joe TurnerCount Basie
    12Shiny StockingsCount Basie
    12Honi ColesCount Basie
    12Moten SwingCount Basie & His Orchestra
    12Everyday I Have The BluesCount Basie
    13BasieCount Basie
    13Opus SixCount Basie
    13Me And YouCount Basie & His Orchestra
    13Stormy MondayCount Basie
    14There Will Never Be Another YouCount Basie
    14Blues In CCount Basie Kansas City Septet
    14Time StreamCount Basie & His Orchestra
    14I Hate You BabyCount Basie Big Band
    15KatyCount Basie & His Orchestra
    15Lonesome BluesCount Basie Big Band
    16The Blues MachineCount Basie & His Orchestra
    16T.V MommaJoe Turner
    17Corrine CorrinaJoe Turner

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