Celebrity Judges (Album Version)

Celebrity Judges (Album Version)


Do you know so-and-so
No I don't know what's-his-name
Please leave me alone
I'm dropping out you're dropping names
Everyone who was anyone was there
They all had something to share
About so-and-so it went on and on
I'm in the corner speechless
Introductions were made
Reputations were at stake
Humorous cracks became personal attacks
Behind the backs of all those speechless
Every time I tried to wait up for you at night
Every time I try to do something right
While you were being known for being known
I'm in bed speechless
Little point of reference
You might see a dentist
You keep talking all that crap
Your teeth will end up in your lap
Celebrity judges
All their high price brunches
All their hutches box their rabbits
They're not friends they're habits

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