Superfly:  Deluxe 25th Anniversary Edition

Superfly: Deluxe 25th Anniversary Edition

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  • Superfly: Deluxe 25th Anniversary Edition


1Little Child Runnin' WildCurtis Mayfield
2PushermanCurtis Mayfield
3Freddie's DeadCurtis Mayfield
4Junkie Chase (Instrumental)Curtis Mayfield
5Give Me Your Love (Love Song)Curtis Mayfield
6Eddie You Should Know BetterCurtis Mayfield
7No Thing On Me (Cocaine Song)Curtis Mayfield
8Think (Instrumental)Curtis Mayfield
9SuperflyCurtis Mayfield
10Freddie's Dead (Theme From 'Superfly') (Single Mix Version)Curtis Mayfield
11Superfly (Single Mix Version)Curtis Mayfield
12Ghetto Child (Demo Version of 'Little Child Runnin' Wild')Curtis Mayfield
13Pusherman (Alternate Mix with Horns Version)Curtis Mayfield
14Freddie's Dead (Instrumental, Film Score Version)Curtis Mayfield
15Junkie Chase (Instrumental Full Length Version)Curtis Mayfield
16No Thing On Me (Cocaine Song) (Instrumental, Film Score Version)Curtis Mayfield
17Militant MarchCurtis Mayfield
18Eddie You Should Know Better (Instrumental, Film Score Version)Curtis Mayfield
19Radio Spot #1 (Previously Unissued Version)Curtis Mayfield
20Underground (Superfly-esque Demo Version, 1970)Curtis Mayfield
21Check Out Your Mind (Instrumental, Studio Jam, Previously Unissued Version)Curtis Mayfield
22Radio Spot #2(Previously Unissued Version)Curtis Mayfield
23Curtis Mayfield on 'Superfly' Film & SongwritingCurtis Mayfield

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