(But I'm sayin' these Ruff Ryder niggaz) dog

(I heard these niggaz is for real)

Dog (uh huh) that's mymansandem

(But I heard these niggaz supposed to be like

Lockin' down the industry on some shit

On some power shit) dog

That's mymansandem (mmm)

So what I'm doin' (right right)

Mymansandem is doin' because (right)

That's mymansandem ya know

(I feel you) now you feel me

(I feel you man) so you know

When you fuckin' wit' me (right, right)

You fuckin wit'...(uh oh)

What have you done now?

Told why'all niggaz

You just don't listen

Why must you be hard-headed?

Tried to explain

But you didn't hear me though

Now, uh, now I must hunt you

I must, I don't want to, I have to

Uh, one, two, one, two, come through, run through

Gun who, oh, you don't know what the gun do

Some do, those who know are real quiet

And you think you want to try it

Fuck around and start a riot

Niggaz gon' rap regardless

Because I'm the hardest

Rap artist, and I'ma start this

Shit up for real, get up and feel

My words, I make herbs spit up and squeal, yeah

It's all I been hearin' lately

Niggaz hate me when I duct tape thee and rape thee

With they brains on the wall, when I brawl

Too late for that 9-1-1 call

Niggaz stay evil, but a lot of 'em bluff

But not me, ''cause I'm a nigga,

That can get out of them cuffs

Think a lot of 'ems tough, that's just a front

When I hit them niggaz like 'what you want?'

The battle turns into a hunt

The dog right behind niggaz, chasin' 'em down

We all knew that you were pussy

But I'll taste it now

And never give a dog blood

''cause all blood might have a dog bite, what

Fightin' whatever, all up in your gut

Give it to you raw like that, it ain't no love

I do 'em all like that, four right up in they back

Clack, clack

Close your mouth baby it's over forget it

Happened in front of your building

But nobody knows who did it

Where my dogs at?

What, what, where my dogs at?

Uh, where my dogs at?

What, what, where my dogs at?

Uh, where my dogs at?

What, what, where my dogs at?

Uh, where my dogs at?

What, what

Niggaz is puss

Keep you runnin' from the warewolf (grrrrr)

Howlin' at the moon on the roof

Uh oh, ooh, ah, noooo

Get 'em

10 niggaz on 'I'm, hope god's wit' 'em

Give me the bat, let me split 'em

I'll have 'em wit' a grill

And when the casket won't fit 'em

Only reason I did 'em

Wouldn't fight back

Never strike back, never liked that

Layin' up with a white hat

Nigga right back at 'cha when I snatch ya

Up out the way nothin' but bones and ashes

Hittin' niggaz with gashes to the head

Straight to the white meat

But the streets stay red

Bitches gon' give me head for free

When they see, who I'ma be

By like 2003

That nigga D took it there

He thought it was a joke

He ran through like twenty g's

Thought that I was broke

Stupid, that's what you get for thinkin'

And I bet you when he found

That's what you get for stinkin'

Blowin' up the spot when you rock

Plus, if it gets hot

They know you dead, four square blocks

Hit 'em with the ox to the grill

Kill, nigga, kill

Yet in still you don't know

I'ma rob 'I'm

That nigga DMX is a mother fuckin' problem

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