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Daniel Amos (Collector's Edition)

Daniel Amos (Collector's Edition)

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1Jesus Is Jehovah to MeDaniel Amos
2The BibleDaniel Amos
3Abidin'Daniel Amos
4WilliamDaniel Amos
5Prelude: Servant's PrayerDaniel Amos
6Don't Light Your Own FireDaniel Amos
7Losers And WinnersDaniel Amos
8Walking On the WaterDaniel Amos
9Ridin' AlongDaniel Amos
10Dusty RoadDaniel Amos
11Love In A Yielded HeartDaniel Amos
12Skeptics SongDaniel Amos
13Happily Married ManDaniel Amos
14Ain't Gonna Fight ItDaniel Amos
15Don't Light Your Own Fire (Live)Daniel Amos
16Walking On the Water (Live)Daniel Amos
17Interview Segment: KatyDaniel Amos
18Calvary Road(Demo)Daniel Amos
19New Life (Demo)Daniel Amos
20Interview Segment: Cardboard Scheme/Scarlet Staircase/Down HomeDaniel Amos
21Walkin’ With My Lord (Demo)Daniel Amos
22Knock Knock (Demo)Daniel Amos
23Heavenly Home (Demo)Daniel Amos
24Love Sings A Song In My Heart (Demo)Daniel Amos
25Jesus Saved My Soul (Demo)Daniel Amos
26Interview Segment: Expressing Faith In MusicDaniel Amos
27Ain't Gonna Fight It (Demo)Daniel Amos
28Interview Segment: The Lost Dogs Record Ain’t Gonna Fight ItDaniel Amos
29Interview Segment: The Move/Jubal’s Last BandDaniel Amos
30Love Has Open Arms (Demo)Daniel Amos
31Resurrection (Skeptics’ Song Demo)Daniel Amos
32Meal (Demo)Daniel Amos
33Interview Segment: The Name Daniel AmosDaniel Amos
34Dear Captain/The Bible (Demo)Daniel Amos
35William (Demo)Daniel Amos
36Interview Segment: Al PerkinsDaniel Amos
37Freedom (Love In A Yielded Heart Demo)Daniel Amos
38For Me To Live Is Christ (Demo)Daniel Amos
39Jesus Is Still Crying For the World (Demo)Daniel Amos
40In Everything Give Him Thanks (Live)Daniel Amos

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