Mr. Buechner's Dream (Collector's Edition)

Mr. Buechner's Dream (Collector's Edition)

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  • Mr. Buechner's Dream (Collector's Edition)


1This Is the OneDaniel Amos
2Mr. Buechner's DreamDaniel Amos
3The Author of the StoryDaniel Amos
4Your Long YearDaniel Amos
5Who's Who Here?Daniel Amos
6Thick SkinDaniel Amos
7Ribbons and BowsDaniel Amos
8Ordinary Extraordinary DayDaniel Amos
9I Get To WonderingDaniel Amos
10Faithful StreetDaniel Amos
11The Lucky OnesDaniel Amos
12Rice Paper Wings (A Song To Our Daughters)Daniel Amos
13The Tale Your Told (A Song For the Artist)Daniel Amos
14MeanwhileDaniel Amos
15Over Her Shoulder (A Song of Lot's Wife)Daniel Amos
16The Staggering GodsDaniel Amos
17A Little Grace (A Song of Job)Daniel Amos
18My Beautiful MartyDaniel Amos
19Mr. Buechner Wakes UpDaniel Amos
20JoelDaniel Amos
21Pretty Little Lies (A Song of Eve)Daniel Amos
22Child On A LeashDaniel Amos
23Small Great ThingsDaniel Amos
24Nowhere Is SomeplaceDaniel Amos
25Easy For YouDaniel Amos
26Maybe All I NeedDaniel Amos
27Pregnant Pause (A Song of Abraham and Sarah)Daniel Amos
28She's A Hard DrinkDaniel Amos
29So Far So GoodDaniel Amos
30Flash in Your Eyes (A Song For Gene Eugene)Daniel Amos
31Nobody WillDaniel Amos
32FingertipsDaniel Amos
33Steal Away (A Song of the Flood)Daniel Amos
34And So It GoesDaniel Amos
35BlankDaniel Amos
36UntitledDaniel Amos

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