Danny Kaye Fifty Favourites
    • Danny Kaye Fifty Favourites
    • Released in 2010
    • 50 Songs


    1Tubby The TubaDanny Kaye
    2I'm Hans Christian AndersenDanny Kaye
    3Wonderful CopenhagenDanny Kaye
    4Mad Dogs And EnglishmanDanny Kaye
    5It's Never Too Late To MendelssohnDanny Kaye
    6Let's Not Talk About LoveDanny Kaye
    7The Babbitt And The BromideDanny Kaye
    8The Fairy PipersDanny Kaye
    9FarmingDanny Kaye
    10The Policeman's SongDanny Kaye
    11If You're Anxious For To ShineDanny Kaye
    12The Moon And IDanny Kaye
    13Anywhere I WanderDanny Kaye
    14The Ugly DucklingDanny Kaye
    15InchwormDanny Kaye
    16ThumbelinaDanny Kaye
    17No Two PeopleDanny Kaye
    18The King's New ClothesDanny Kaye
    19JennyDanny Kaye
    20The Little FiddleDanny Kaye
    21Medley: I Belong To Glasgow / Good Old 149 / TchaikovskyDanny Kaye
    22Oh By JingoDanny Kaye
    23Dinah (Dena)Danny Kaye
    24Molly MaloneDanny Kaye
    25TonguetwistersDanny Kaye
    26The Little White DuckDanny Kaye
    27Uncle PocketsDanny Kaye
    28There's A Hole In The Bottom Of The SeaDanny Kaye
    29Bloop BleepDanny Kaye
    30Civilisation Bongo, Bongo, BongoDanny Kaye & The Andrews Sisters
    31Big Brass Band From BrazilDanny Kaye & The Andrews Sisters
    32Amelia Cordelia McHughDanny Kaye & The Andrews Sisters
    33Bread And Butter WomenDanny Kaye & The Andrews Sisters
    34It's A Quiet TownDanny Kaye & The Andrews Sisters
    35Beatin' Bangin' 'N' Scratchin'Danny Kaye & The Andrews Sisters
    36Put Em' In A Box, Tie Em' With A RibbonDanny Kaye & The Andrews Sisters
    37Popo The PuppetDanny Kaye
    38PigalleDanny Kaye
    39I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of CoconutsDanny Kaye
    40The ThingDanny Kaye
    41Manic Depressive PresentsDanny Kaye
    42Honey BunDanny Kaye
    43There Is Nothing' Like A DameDanny Kaye
    44C'est Si BonDanny Kaye
    45Ballin' The JackDanny Kaye
    46I Wonder Who's Kissing Her NowDanny Kaye
    47Candy KissesDanny Kaye
    48ConfidentiallyDanny Kaye
    49WilhelminaDanny Kaye
    50Minnie the MoocherDanny Kaye

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