Dave Edmunds

Well, the bride looked a picture in the gown that her mama wore
When she was married herself nearly twenty-seven years before
She had to change the style a little but it looked just fine
They stayed up all night, but they got it finished just in time

Now on the arm of her daddy, she's a-walkin' down the aisle
And she catches my eye and she gives me a secret smile
Maybe it's too old-fashioned, but we once were close friends
Oh but the way that she looks today, she never could have then.

Well I can see her now in the tight blue jeans
Pumpin' all the money in the record machine
Spinnin' like a top, you shoulda seen her go
I knew the bride when she used to rock and roll [Repeat: x4]

Now her proud daddy only wanna give his little girl the best
And so he put down a grand on a cozy little lover's nest
You could've called the reception an unqualified success
At a flash hotel for a hundred and fifty guests

Take a look at the bridegroom smilin' pleased as pie
Shakin' hands all around with a glassy look in his eye
He got a real good job and his shirt and tie is nice
But I remember a time when she would never even look him twice

But I can see her now drinkin' with the boys
Breakin' their hearts like they were toys
She used to do the pony, she used to do the stroll
I knew the bride when she used to rock and roll [Repeat: x4]

Well I can see her now with her headphones on
Jumpin' up and down to her favorite song
I still remember when she used to wanna make a lot of noise
Hoppin' and boppin' with the street corner boys
She used to love to party, she used to love to go
I knew the bride when she used to rock and roll [Repeat: x4]

Written by NICK LOWE
Published by ANGLO-ROCK, INC.

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