Ultra-Lounge / Cocktail Capers  Volume Eight

Ultra-Lounge / Cocktail Capers Volume Eight

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  • Ultra-Lounge / Cocktail Capers Volume Eight


1Roller Coaster (1996 Digital Remaster)Les Baxter
2Hey! Bellboy! (1996 Digital Remaster)Gloria Wood
3This Could Be The Start Of Something (1996 Digital Remaster)Dave Pell
4The Pink Panther Theme (1996 Digital Remaster)Hollywood Symphony Orchestra
5Like Young (1996 Digital Remaster)David Rose
6Underwater Chase (1996 - Remaster)Al Caiola
7Binga Banga Bongo/Percolator (Medley) (1996 Digital Remaster)Terry Snyder & The All Stars/Earl Palmer
8Call Me (1996 Digital Remaster)New Classic Singers
9Mountain Greenery (1996 Digital Remaster)Ernie Freeman
10Charade (1996 Digital Remaster)Si Zentner
11Shooting Star/Jungalero (Medley) (1996 Digital Remaster)Les Baxter
12Honorable Hong Kong Rock (1996 Digital Remaster)The Out-Islanders
13Odd Job Man/I Wanna Be A James Bond Girl (Medley) (1996 Digital Remaster)Leroy Holmes
14Heap Big Chief (1996 Digital Remaster)Muzzy Marcellino
15Blue Danube Rock (1996 Digital Remaster)Jonah Jones
16Pussy Cat (1996 Digital Remaster)Cy Coleman
17Teach Me Tiger (1996 - Remaster)April Stevens
18Lolita Ya Ya (1996 Digital Remaster)Nelson Riddle
19You Go To My Head (1996 Digital Remaster)The Continental

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