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Swarbrick / Swarbrick II

Swarbrick / Swarbrick II

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1The Heilanman / Drowsy MaggieDave Swarbrick
2Carthy's MarchDave Swarbrick
3The White Cockade / Doc Boyd's Jig / Durham RangersDave Swarbrick
4My Singing BirdDave Swarbrick
5The NightingaleDave Swarbrick
6Once I Loved a Maiden FairDave Swarbrick
7Byker HillDave Swarbrick
8The Ace & Deuce of PiperingDave Swarbrick
9Hole In the WallDave Swarbrick
10Ben DorianDave Swarbrick
11Hullichan's Chorus JigDave Swarbrick
12The 79th's Farewell to GibraltarDave Swarbrick
13Arthur McBride / Snug In the BlanketDave Swarbrick
14The Athole HighlandersDave Swarbrick
15Shannon Bells / Fairy Dance / Miss McLeod's ReelDave Swarbrick
16The King of the FairiesDave Swarbrick
17Chief O'Neill's Favourite / Newcastle HornpipeDave Swarbrick
18Sheebeg and SheemoreDave Swarbrick
19The Rocky Road to Dublin / Sir Phillip McHughDave Swarbrick
20Planxty Morgan MawganDave Swarbrick
21The Swallows Tail / Rakes of Kildare / Blackthron StickDave Swarbrick
22Sheagh of Rye / The Friar's BreechesDave Swarbrick
23Derwentwater's Farewell / The Noble Squire DacreDave Swarbrick
24Teribus / Farewell to AberdeenDave Swarbrick
25Bonaparte's RetreatDave Swarbrick
26The CoulinDave Swarbrick

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