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1Right Here, Right NowVarious Artists
2Somethin' You GotMaria Howell
3Said I'm SorryVarious Artists
4Think It OverDavid Cook
5Hold OnVarious Artists
6Let You GoMaria Howell
7CoolDebby Dobbins
8Last Flight OutMaria Howell
9Good Girl GoneVarious Artists
10Where Do Our Dreams GoMaria Howell
11Thief in the NightDavid Cook
12Don't Let the Sun Set (On a Broken Heart)Debby Dobbins
13Run for CoverVarious Artists
14MisconstrueMaria Howell
15I Didn't KnowThe Pelicans
16How You Gonna FeelDebby Dobbins
17LockdownGroove Doctors
18Been in the Storm Too LongVarious Artists
19Snake in the BagVarious Artists
20Blue TattooVarious Artists
21A Starry Night in BaghdadDebby Dobbins
22Take Another ChanceVarious Artists
23EllareeThe Pelicans
24Corporate ManVarious Artists
25Edge of DestructionMaria Howell
26Drive Me Home BabyVarious Artists
27Fallin' so in Love With YouThomas Moore
28Can't Help This Feelin'Debby Dobbins
29Can't Help This Feelin', Pt. 2 (feat. Pat Walters)Debby Dobbins
30(Talkin 'bout) The Cakes My Baby MakesVarious Artists
31Cover MeVarious Artists
32Pick 'n GoMaria Howell
33Reverse EvolutionVarious Artists
34She's Sixty (But She Still Looks Good)The Pelicans
35Law of Love (Es La Ley)David Cook
36Spider WomanVarious Artists
37Glad I Found YouDebby Dobbins
38Good Rockin' WomanVarious Artists
39Good Rockin' Woman, Pt. 2Various Artists
40Conkin'Groove Doctors
41(I Want To) Solve Your MysteryMaria Howell
42Can't Hold BackVarious Artists
43Love Flight 109Maria Howell
44Midnight SymphonyDaryle Ryce
45Optical IllusionMaria Howell
46Love ThiefDebby Dobbins
47I Don't Want to Fall in Love AgainVarious Artists
48Fallin' so in Love With YouDebby Dobbins
49BrainstormVarious Artists
50Dream Filled HazeVarious Artists
51X-Ray EyesVarious Artists
52'til TomorrowAlvin Jones
53Tradin' in the Blues for LoveDebby Dobbins
54I Can't Stay Away from YouThomas Moore
55Hey Mr. StrangerDebby Dobbins
56Popsicle PusherVarious Artists
57Cool WhipVarious Artists
58(They Call It) Mr. Dollar'sVarious Artists
59(They Call It) Mr. Dollar's, Pt. 2Various Artists
60What Does Christmas Mean to YouMaria Howell
61Song for a New Day (feat. Rick Blackwell, Maria Howell & Darlyle Ryce)Various Artists

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