Give Me Jesus
    • Give Me Jesus
    • Released in 2009
    • 44 Songs


    1The Water I GiveDavid Haas
    1Look to ChristDavid Haas
    2He Healed the Darkness of My MindDavid Haas
    2We Are One in the LordDavid Haas
    3All I WantDavid Haas
    3I Am the ResurrectionDavid Haas
    4Present Among UsDavid Haas
    4Jesus, Heal UsDavid Haas
    5Song of the StormDavid Haas
    5Be Born in Us TodayDavid Haas
    6Steal AwayDavid Haas
    6Child of Joy and PeaceDavid Haas
    7You Are MineDavid Haas
    7The EncounterDavid Haas
    8To Be a ServantDavid Haas
    8Song of the Risen OneDavid Haas
    9Table SongDavid Haas
    9We Have Been ToldDavid Haas
    10Christ Is Risen! Shout Hosanna!David Haas
    10That You Might Have LifeDavid Haas
    11Song of the TemptationDavid Haas
    11Without Seeing YouDavid Haas
    12Blest Are TheyDavid Haas
    12Water of LifeDavid Haas
    13Alive in Christ JesusDavid Haas
    13Take Up Your CrossDavid Haas
    14Do This in Memory of MeDavid Haas
    14Do Not Let Your Hearts Be TroubledDavid Haas
    15Song of the Lord's CommandDavid Haas
    15Here in This PlaceDavid Haas
    16I Will Give You RestDavid Haas
    16The Tomb Is EmptyDavid Haas
    17You Alone Are the WorldDavid Haas
    17Now We RemainDavid Haas
    18Be Light for Our EyesDavid Haas
    18Increase Our FaithDavid Haas
    19Christ Among UsDavid Haas
    19O JerusalemDavid Haas
    20You Are God's Work of ArtDavid Haas
    20In the Power of ChristDavid Haas
    21Christ Will Be Your LightDavid Haas
    21For the Life of the WorldDavid Haas
    22Jesus, Be with Us NowDavid Haas
    23Give Me JesusDavid Haas

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