David Ruffin

Last week my life had meaning
It was beautiful and so sweet.
But now it's nothing, nothing without you, baby
My whole world is incomplete
'Cause I can't see you no more
That was all that you said, baby.
But you just might as well have
Placed a gun to my head.

Baby, baby, why did you do it?
My whole world ended the moment you left me
Oh baby
My whole world ended the moment you left me
It tumbled to the ground baby.

Did you ever mean those sweet things
That you used to say?
Have a house and a lovely, a lovely daughter,
And a little baby some day.
Where did I go wrong, honey?
Whatever changed your mind, baby?
I've asked myself these questions
Over a million times.


Now my body is numb
It feels so senseless to the touch.
My life is wasted, wasted without you
I guess I loved you much too much.
How can I face tomorrow
When yesterday is all I see?
I just don't want to face tomorrow honey
If you're not sharing it with me.
Baby, baby, oh baby
My whole world ended...

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