God Didn't Give Up

God Didn't Give Up

Deitrick Haddon

God didn't give up on me
Didn't give up on me
God didn't give up on me
Didn't give up on me
When I'm weak God
Well he didn't let me go yea
When I messed up
He restored my soul
Oh it was God
That didn't give up
Read in the paper the other day
About a preacher who feel from grace
He begged the church for forgiveness
He realized he made a mistake
And some folks left the church and said
He's suppose to be a man of the cloth
See they forgot he was the same man
That prayed for them when they were lost
Oh I'm so glad God is not like man
He won't throw you away after you've done wrong
God will pick you up
And dust you off
And put you back where you belong
Now it's easy to point the finger
When the spotlights not on you
Well and we would be surprised what we'd see
If the truth had come out on you
And you need to show a little mercy and grace
For somebody else
And take your foot off your brother
And consider yourself
I'm glad God is not like man
When you've done wrong
He will pick you up
Put you back where you belong
Oh no no no never
You'll never never no never
Oh never
Never never
Never let me fall
When I need you
I can call you
Oh oh God!
Oh God!

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