I'm Alive
Deitrick Haddon

Hey hey hey I'm Alive
Look in the mirror tell me (tell me what you see)
All the expressions of the (life that shouldn't be)
Are you in a place (you fell far from grace oh)
Its not over til its over
I can relate cause I've been there before (I've been there before)
The battles not yours
So you don't have to fight no more (no more)
Your still here so let go of your fears and say

I'm Alive
Don't just sit there get up and tell the world that
I'm Alive
It belongs to you
So go and get your life back and say
Ah ah I'm alive [Repeat: x2]
Use the next breath that you take to say
Hey hey hey I'm alive

I know you got a lot of questions
(Questions on your mind)
Searching for the truth and
Will we ever find
What's my purpose and help me understand (oh)
I just really need to know
Once again I've been right where you are
(I been there where you are)
All you got to do is look deep inside your heart (in your heart)
Your heart is still beating so
As long as your still breathing say


Just realize
That you have a job to do
How you live this life is totally up to you
You can sit back and watch your life just past you by
Make your dreams come true
Or you can just let them die
We all gotta go through things
But your gonna come out on the other side
So just proclaim that


I'm alive [Repeat: x2]
Ah ah I'm alive [Repeat: x2]
Hey hey

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