Trip On Love  (Album Version)

Trip On Love (Album Version)


Mommy loves you, Daddy loves you, ain't that good?
Beauty's on your side.
I'll always be there for you, like I said I would.
There's sadness in your eyes.

Deeper than a river, you inspire me.
In your light I shine, oh yeah.
Trip on with me baby, we'll walk through the trees.
Our love's a natural high.

Trip on, trip on love, trip on me.
Trip on, trip on all the possibilities.
Trip on, trip on love, trip on me.
Trip on the sweetness of love's destiny.

Of all the good things in your life, my love is free.
You want to take a ride?
In the noon tide hour, love runs over me.
Take me to the sky.

Pulses race, anticipate what dusk will bring.
I see it in your smile, oh baby.
Bodies ache and celebrate, now souls can sing.
Our love's a natural high.

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