Then I Woke Up

Then I Woke Up

Diana DeGarmo

I get into the car
Turn the radio up real far
To shut out the noise
So I can hear my voice

There's a party on down the street
But nobody invited me
'Cause I got a gig
Babysitting my uncle's kids
Why me
Whoa is me

Don't they know that
I'm a hip hop queen
And a rock and roll dream
It's all bling bling
I'm the star of the scene
Yeah check me out, see what I'm all about
I'm the one that you want
And the one you can't have
The girl that you call
That doesn't ever call abck
Just look at me, I've got everything
But then I woke up

I was lying on the couch
Drool coming out my mouth
Turned on the T.V.
Dr. Phil won't you please fix me

Waiting for the phone to ring
Flipping through a magazine
Why doesn't he call
Guess I'm the loser down the hall

Why me
I just want to sleep

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But then I woke up
I like living in a dream
It's every thing it's supposed to be
It's a holiday for me

It's all just kickin' in
And this is where I begin
Just being me
It's okay to be me

But it's fun to be a hip hop queen
A rock and roll dream
It's all bling bling yeah baby ca-ching
Come check me out
I'm bringing down the house
I'm the one that you want
You know I'm heaven sent
I'm a little Lynyrd Skynyrd
A little 50 Cent
Just look at me
I've got evrything
But then I woke up
I woke up
I woke up
I woke up

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