He's My Sunny Boy (Album Version (Stereo))

He's My Sunny Boy (Album Version (Stereo))

Diana Ross & the Supremes

Oh, Sunny boy
Now let me tell you how much good
You've done me boy
Cause when I'm feeling alone
You give me plenty joy
Into each lives some rain must fall
But with you here
There's no rain at all

Sunny boy
Looks good in everything
From silk to corduroy
To see him I'd walk from Idaho to Illinois
(Or anywhere)
Do anything to be with him
My sunshine when the world is dim
It's sunny boy, sunny boy
My pride and joy
Sunny boy

Sunny boy
You made my life so sweet
It's just like honey, boy
And I love you so much till it ain't funny boy
My cloudy days have been de-clouded
Since you're here so keep on shining

Sunny boy, sunny boy
My pride and joy
Hey, sunny boy
My honey boy
Now only your sweet lovin' can give me joy
I'm trying to tell the world
That you're my sunny boy

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