Diana Ross & the Supremes

I believe in everything you do
My heart and soul goes out to you
This world was made for boys like you
You never made me cry, you never told me a lie

You've been wonderful to me
Ooh, so wonderful to me
Oh yes, you have
Wonderful, wonderful

You're wonderful and kind
You're forever gently on my mind
Even in my sleep I have wonderful dreams
You're always there speaking softly it seems
Telling me how much I mean to you
Oh, darling you're my dream come true

You're wonderful to me
So wonderful to me
Oh yes, you are

Someday I'll find the words to say
To let you know how much I appreciate
Your being true and loving me the way you do
There's a smile upon my heart
Knowing you'll never say you'll part

You've been so wonderful to me
So wonderful to me
Oh, yes you have
Wonderful, wonderful to me

Oh yes, you have

You've been so wonderful
Oh, yes you have

Written by Gaye, Anna / Story, Allen / Gordy, George
Published by EMI Music Publishing

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