Dickie Goodman All Time Novelty Hits
    • Dickie Goodman All Time Novelty Hits
    • Released in 2006
    • 28 Songs


    1The Flying Saucer Part 1 (1956)Dickie Goodman
    2The Flying Saucer Part 2 (1956)Dickie Goodman
    3Buchanan and Goodman on Trial (1956)Dickie Goodman
    4Flying Saucer the Second (1957)Dickie Goodman
    5Mystery (Lock Up)Dickie Goodman
    6The Banana Boat Story (1957)Dickie Goodman
    7Russian Bandstand (1959)Dickie Goodman
    8Berlin Top Ten (1961)Dickie Goodman
    9The Cha Cha Lesson (1961)Dickie Goodman
    10Schmonanza (1961)Dickie Goodman
    11Flying Saucer 64 Presidential InterviewDickie Goodman
    12Paul Revere (1964)Dickie Goodman
    13Frankenstein Meets the Beatles (1965)Dickie Goodman
    14Dracula Drag (1965)Dickie Goodman
    15James Bomb (1966)Dickie Goodman
    16Washington Uptight (1967)Dickie Goodman
    17Superfly Meets Shaft (1973)Dickie Goodman
    18Soul President Number One (1973)Dickie Goodman
    19Gerald Ford a Special Report (1973)Dickie Goodman
    20Energy Crisis '74Dickie Goodman
    21Inflation In the Nation (1974)Dickie Goodman
    22Mr. Jaws (1975)Dickie Goodman
    23Energy Crisis '79Dickie Goodman
    24Election '80Dickie Goodman
    25Mr. President (1981 Version)Dickie Goodman
    26Radio Russia (1983)Dickie Goodman
    27Washington Inside Out (1983)Dickie Goodman
    28Hey Dickie (Whimsical Will 1982)Dickie Goodman

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