Just Dizzy
    • Just Dizzy
    • Released in 2014
    • 50 Songs


    1MomentumDizzy Gillespie
    2RivieraDizzy Gillespie
    3I'll Close My EyesDizzy Gillespie
    4Long, Long SummerDizzy Gillespie
    5Our Love Is Here to StayDizzy Gillespie
    6The RakeDizzy Gillespie
    7For the GypsiesDizzy Gillespie
    8Yesterday'sDizzy Gillespie
    9Round About MidnightDizzy Gillespie
    10How Deep Is the OceanDizzy Gillespie
    11Please CallDizzy Gillespie
    12Eb PobDizzy Gillespie
    13ChorousDizzy Gillespie
    14Basie LineDizzy Gillespie
    15NowDizzy Gillespie
    16Get UpDizzy Gillespie
    17EbooDizzy Gillespie
    18The Sunset SceneDizzy Gillespie
    19Out of NowhereDizzy Gillespie
    20Blues in TrinityDizzy Gillespie
    21GroovesvilleDizzy Gillespie
    22I Waited for YouDizzy Gillespie
    23Pau De AraraDizzy Gillespie
    24Yardbird SuiteDizzy Gillespie
    25The SearchDizzy Gillespie
    26O MoonDizzy Gillespie
    27Here It IsDizzy Gillespie
    28Close UpDizzy Gillespie
    29Bluebird (Take 1)Dizzy Gillespie
    30Bluebird (Take 2)Dizzy Gillespie
    31I Wished On the MoonDizzy Gillespie
    32The ReboundDizzy Gillespie
    33Once in a WhileDizzy Gillespie
    34No More BluesDizzy Gillespie
    35StompDizzy Gillespie
    36Bang!Dizzy Gillespie
    37I Had the Craziest DreamDizzy Gillespie
    38The GypsyDizzy Gillespie
    39The Gypsy (Take 2)Dizzy Gillespie
    40A Varation On MonkDizzy Gillespie
    41DesafinadoDizzy Gillespie
    42Now's the TimeDizzy Gillespie
    43Blue StreakDizzy Gillespie
    44Color BlindDizzy Gillespie
    45Shepherd's SerenadeDizzy Gillespie
    46ButchDizzy Gillespie
    47This Is AlwaysDizzy Gillespie
    48(I Don't Stand) a Ghost of a ChanDizzy Gillespie
    49Nowhere to GoDizzy Gillespie
    50The Escape and ChaseDizzy Gillespie

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