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The Vanguard Years

The Vanguard Years

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1Rambling HoboDoc Watson
1MuskratDoc Watson
1New River TrainDoc Watson / Clint Howard / Fred Price
1Bye Bye Bluebells (Live)Doc Watson
2Train That Carried My Girl From Town (Live)Doc Watson
2Dream Of The Miner's ChildDoc Watson featuring Merle Watson
2Rank StrangerDoc Watson / Clint Howard / Fred Price
2Kinfolks In Carolina (Live)Doc Watson
3The Coo CooDoc Watson
3Rising Sun BluesDoc Watson featuring Merle Watson
3Corrina CorrinaDoc Watson / Clint Howard / Fred Price
3San Antonio Rose (Live)Doc Watson & Merle Travis
4Reuben's TrainDoc Watson
4Otto Wood the BanditDoc Watson featuring Merle Watson
4What Does The Deep Sea SayDoc Watson
4Blow Your Whistle Freight Train (Live)Doc Watson
5Hick's FarewellDoc Watson
5Little SadieDoc Watson
5There's More Pretty Girls Than OneDoc Watson
5Cannonball Rag (Live)Doc Watson
6Grandfather's ClockDoc Watson
6Windy And WarmDoc Watson
6Way DowntownDoc Watson / Clint Howard / Fred Price
6I Am A Pilgrim (Live)Doc Watson
7Beaumont RagDoc Watson
7Tennessee StudDoc Watson
7Brown's Ferry BluesDoc Watson featuring Merle Watson
7Arrangement Blues (Live)Doc Watson
8Farewell BluesDoc Watson and Clarence White
8Blue Railroad TrainDoc Watson
8Spike Driver Blues (Live)Doc Watson
8I Got A Pig At Home In A Pen (Live)Doc Watson
9Footprints In the SnowDoc Watson and Clarence White
9Down In the Valley To PrayDoc Watson
9Roll On BuddyDoc Watson featuring Merle Watson
9My Rough And Rowdy Ways (Live)Doc Watson
10Intoxicated RatDoc Watson
10Dill Pickle RagDoc Watson
10I Am a PilgrimDoc Watson featuring Merle Watson
10Deep River Blues (Live)Doc Watson
11Talk About SufferingDoc Watson
11The F.F.V.Doc Watson
11Wabash CannonballDoc Watson
11Banks Of The Ohio (Live)Doc Watson
12Omie WiseDoc Watson
12Childhood PlayDoc Watson
12Roll In My Sweet Baby's ArmsDoc Watson
12A-Roving On A Winter's Night (Live)Doc Watson
13Country BluesDoc Watson
13Streamline CannonballDoc Watson
13The Lawson Family MurderDoc Watson
13Southbound (Live)Doc Watson
14Black Mountain RagDoc Watson
14Old Camp Meeting TimeDoc Watson
14The CuckooDoc Watson
14Memphis Blues (Live)Doc Watson
15Doc's GuitarDoc Watson
15I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue EyesDoc Watson
15Alabama BoundDoc Watson
15Salt Creek / Bill Cheatham (Live)Doc Watson
16Deep River BluesDoc Watson
16The Girl In The Blue Velvet BandDoc Watson
16Brown's Ferry Blues (Live)Doc Watson
17Windy And Warm (Live)Doc Watson

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