Prairie Lullabye (Album Version)

Prairie Lullabye (Album Version)

Don Edwards

When shadows creep across the hills,
and purple streaks the sky,
when cattle bunch up closer for the night...

That's when you hear the whipoorwill
start singing sweet and high,
That's when you hear the prairie lullaby.

The breezes play, the branches sway
somewhere a coyote cries,
Ah ee oh loh di, it's a prairie lullaby.

When later on the sun is gone
The campfire fights the dark,
Snd a million stars are twinkling in the sky

That's when you see a cowboy reach
for his old mouth harp
That's when you'll hear the prairie lullaby

The breezes play the branches sway
and somewhere a coyote cries
Ah ee oh lodi, it's a prairie lullaby
Ah ee oh loh di, it's a prairie lullaby.

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