The Jazz Collection Volume One

The Jazz Collection Volume One

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  • The Jazz Collection Volume One


1My Girl ShirlDonald Byrd
2Soulful KiddyDonald Byrd
3A Portrait of JennieDonald Byrd
4CecileDonald Byrd
5StardustDonald Byrd
6PhilsonDonald Byrd
7TrioDonald Byrd
8LibeccioDonald Byrd
9Lover, Come Back to MeDonald Byrd
10When Your Lover Has GoneDonald Byrd
11Sudwest FunkDonald Byrd
12Paul's PalDonald Byrd
13Off to the RacesDonald Byrd
14Down TempoDonald Byrd
15HushDonald Byrd
16I'm a Fool to Want YouDonald Byrd
17Jorgie'sDonald Byrd
18Shangri-LaDonald Byrd
196m'sDonald Byrd
20RequiemDonald Byrd
21FuegoDonald Byrd
22Bup a LoupDonald Byrd
23Funky MamaDonald Byrd
24Low LifeDonald Byrd
25LamentDonald Byrd
26AmenDonald Byrd
27JeannineDonald Byrd
28Pure D FunkDonald Byrd
29KimyasDonald Byrd
30When Sunny Get's BlueDonald Byrd
31GhanaDonald Byrd
32Little Boy BlueDonald Byrd
33Gate CityDonald Byrd
34LexDonald Byrd
35BoDonald Byrd
36My Girl Shirl (Version 2)Donald Byrd
37Pentecostal Feelin'Donald Byrd
38Night FlowerDonald Byrd
39Nai NaiDonald Byrd
40French SpiceDonald Byrd
41Free FormDonald Byrd

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