My Reflection

My Reflection

Donny & Marie Osmond

You see a scar
I see an little girl about five years old on monkey bars
Who lost her grip and slipped right through her mamas arms
And the makeup still won't make it go away.

You see dyed hair,
I see an eleven year old dark haired girl in that salty air,
Trying to keep her poise,
Those teenage boys were everywhere,
And dad sure had fun scaring them away.

In my reflection, hidden under the imperfections.
Lot of stories of my life and its lessons.
I can see what you can't see in my reflection.

You see these lines,
I see a car load of my best friends on Friday nights,

Staying out too late and laughing til we cried,
I wouldn't change a single wrinkle for those days.

In my reflection
Hidden underneath the imperfections
Are stories of my life and its lessons,
I can see what you can not see in my reflection.

You see alone,
I see a woman who got tired waiting by the phone,
Who made a choice and is doing just fine on her own,
But you can't look and tell, it was a blessing.
At least I an see what you can't see in my reflection

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