Voodoo Hex
    • Voodoo Hex
    • Released in 2008
    • 35 Songs


    1In The NightDr. John
    2TipitinaDr. John
    3Woman Is The Root Of All EvilDr. John
    4Mean Cheatin' WomanDr. John
    5Bald HeadDr. John
    6QualifiedDr. John
    7Just Like A MirrorDr. John
    8Wash, Mama, WashDr. John
    9What Comes Around (Goes Around)Dr. John
    10Shoo RaDr. John
    11Quitters Never WinDr. John
    12Whichever Way The Wind Blows (Or Cat And Mouse Game)Dr. John
    13Danger ZoneDr. John
    14She's Just A SquareDr. John
    15Mama RouxDr. John
    16A Little Closer To My HomeDr. John
    17I Pulled The Cover Off You Two LoversDr. John
    18Go Ahead OnDr. John
    19Bring Your Love [Or Crawfish Soiree (Bring Your Own) Or Bring Your Own Along]Dr. John
    20Make Your OwnDr. John
    21In The Night (Alternate Mix)Dr. John
    22Shoo Ra (Alternate Mix)Dr. John
    23Mean Cheatin' Woman (Alternate Mix)Dr. John
    24Bald Head (Alternate Mix)Dr. John
    25Whichever Way The Wind Blows (Alternate Mix)Dr. John
    26Woman Is The Root Of All Evil (Alternate Mix)Dr. John
    27Danger Zone (Alternate Mix)Dr. John
    28Just Like A Mirror (Alternate Mix)Dr. John
    29Helping HandDr. John
    30Tipitina (Alternate Mix)Dr. John
    31Scrubbin'Dr. John
    32Qualified (Alternate Mix)Dr. John
    33Mama Roux (Alternate Mix)Dr. John
    34Quitters Never Win (Alternate Mix)Dr. John
    35What Comes Around Goes AroundDr. John

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