The Jazz Collection Volume One
    • The Jazz Collection Volume One
    • Released in 2013
    • 84 Songs


    1Such Sweet ThunderDuke Ellington
    2Sonnet for CaesarDuke Ellington
    3Sonnet to Hank CinqDuke Ellington
    4Lady MacDuke Ellington
    5Sonnet in Search of a MoorDuke Ellington
    6The TelecastersDuke Ellington
    7Up and Down, Up and DownDuke Ellington
    8Sonnet for Sister KateDuke Ellington
    9The Star Crossed LoversDuke Ellington
    10Madness in Great OnesDuke Ellington
    11Half the FunDuke Ellington
    12Circle of FourthsDuke Ellington
    13Black Brown and Beige (Part 1)Duke Ellington
    14Black Brown and Beige (Part 2)Duke Ellington
    15Black Brown and Beige (Part 3 Light)Duke Ellington
    16Black Brown and Beige (Part 4 Come Sunday)Duke Ellington
    17Black Brown and Beige (Part 5 Come Sunday)Duke Ellington
    18Black Brown and Beige (Part 6 23rd Psalm)Duke Ellington
    19Alice Blue GownDuke Ellington
    20Who's Afraid of the Big Bad WolfDuke Ellington
    21Got a Date with an AngelDuke Ellington
    22Poor ButterflyDuke Ellington
    23Satan Takes a HolidayDuke Ellington
    24The Peanut VendorDuke Ellington
    25Satin DollDuke Ellington
    26Lady in RedDuke Ellington
    27Indian Love CallDuke Ellington
    28The Donkey SerenadeDuke Ellington
    29Gypsy Love SongDuke Ellington
    30Laugh, Clown LaughDuke Ellington
    31AvalonDuke Ellington
    32Body and SoulDuke Ellington
    33Bass-MentDuke Ellington
    34Early AutumnDuke Ellington
    35JonesDuke Ellington
    36PerdidoDuke Ellington
    37St Louis BluesDuke Ellington
    38SpacemenDuke Ellington
    39Midnight SunDuke Ellington
    40Take the 'A' TrainDuke Ellington
    41Anatomy of a Murder/Main ThemeDuke Ellington
    42FlirtbirdDuke Ellington
    43Way Early SubtoneDuke Ellington
    44Hero to ZeroDuke Ellington
    45Low Key LightlyDuke Ellington
    46Happy AnatomyDuke Ellington
    47Midnight IndigoDuke Ellington
    48Almost CriedDuke Ellington
    49Sunswept SundayDuke Ellington
    50Grace ValseDuke Ellington
    51Happy Anatomy 2Duke Ellington
    52HaupeDuke Ellington
    53Upper and OutestDuke Ellington
    54Anatomy of a Murder Duke Ellington
    55OvertureDuke Ellington
    56Toot Toot Tootie Toot (Dance of the Reed Pipes)Duke Ellington
    57Peanut Brittle BrigadeDuke Ellington
    58Sugar Rum Cherry (Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy)Duke Ellington
    59Entr'acteDuke Ellington
    60The Volga Vouty (Russian Dance)Duke Ellington
    61Chinoiserie (Chinese Dance)Duke Ellington
    62Dace of the Floreadones (Waltz of the Flowers)Duke Ellington
    63Arabesque Cookie (Arabian Dance)Duke Ellington
    64I Can't Get StartedDuke Ellington
    65Cong-GoDuke Ellington
    66Body and SoulDuke Ellington
    67Blues for JerryDuke Ellington
    68Fontainbleau ForestDuke Ellington
    69SummertimeDuke Ellington
    70It's Bad to Be ForgottenDuke Ellington
    71A Hundred Dreams AgoDuke Ellington
    72SoDuke Ellington
    73Searching (Pleading for Love)Duke Ellington
    74Springtime in AfricaDuke Ellington
    75Duke's PlaceDuke Ellington
    76I'm Just a Lucky so and SoDuke Ellington
    77CottontailDuke Ellington
    78Mood IndigoDuke Ellington
    79Do Nuthin' Till You Hear from MeDuke Ellington
    80The Beautiful AmericanDuke Ellington
    81Black and Tan FantasyDuke Ellington
    82Drop Me off in HarlemDuke Ellington
    83The MoochieDuke Ellington
    84In a Mellow ToneDuke Ellington

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