Check 1,2

Check 1,2


EPMD.. Def Jam.. blazin..

Check it, uh-huh, YO
It`s E-Dub on the microphone
My style be Elektra, I`m the male Syl Rhome
Homes, walk around with forty-four chrome

On safety, spike the mic in the endzone
This here ain`t the average s***, you used to
Front, and automatic rounds, will shoot you
So knock it off, like Biggie Smalls said Duke you soft
Why you want to f*** with the boss?

[Parrish Smith]
Where should I start? Breakin MC`s or shatterin charts?
It`s Diablo, PMD Mic Doc with the purple heart
The go-getter, getter, get wit `er, hit `er-split `er
Front and back, and if she wit it, straight in the s***ter

So heidi heidi heidi hydro, pack gats and ammo
+Funky Piano+, van like the f***in ?tano?
With more cheese than Lambeau, more heat than Rambo
Break down dismantle when I scramble

[Chorus: x2]
I just get down, and I go for mines
Say check 1, 2 -- and run down the line
(Inclined to shine) with techs and (forty-four mags and nines)
Don`t get too close because you might get shot

[Erick Sermon]
Uhh, yo, ey, and yo
EPMD, f***in with us is bad news
Me and you got different views
What you might say is dope, I say`s not

What I might call wack, you`ll call hot
The best thing for you, is to think and hope
Or get choked, and hung with +The Velvet Rope+
Cause you too theatrical, mess around
And end up smackin you, jackin you, attackin you

[Parrish Smith]
That`s why it`s crucial, so stay neutral to collect the cash
Double beaucoup, just rippin up mics, is what my crew do
Whatever suits you, pull out the burner, f*** the shoot through
Roadblocks and smear campaigns, with the two-two

Or tech nine, that`ll chew, through your waistline
I`m accurate, don`t waste mine, spit on ba**line
Run with the unseen potential to be on Dateline
I don`t fake mine, you blaze crazy, while I pace mine

[Erick Sermon]
Yeah, now why y`all want to mess with the vets?
We`ve been doin this s***, since _Dear Yvette_, check
I make s*** that make you want to smack your producer
And ice grill him, and make you want to kill him dead

And walk around leakin, in the bed for the weekend
For playin with the last Mohican
?Madi gon? - that`s f*** you in Puerto Rican
Keep quiet when you hear grown men speakin

[Parrish Smith]
Or get smacked, this ain`t no game, the s*** is serious
Delerious, that`s how we leave cats and n****z curious
The true legend, got caught s*** you better call Kevin
Big like Dog 40 and the Dutch from the 7-11

I`m danger like Norris the Texas Ranger
The mic strangler, PMD, the f***in _Head Banger_
Mo` skills fo` real for them cats that kill
Pump a nine on the reg behind penetentiary steel


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