Ed Bell

Africa and the Blues

Africa and the Blues

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1GarayaVarious Artists
2One-Stringed GuitarVarious Artists
3MpeliVarious Artists
4Key to the BushesNapoleon Strickland
5Train TimeVarious Artists
6Kwa ChagomaVarious Artists
7See That My Grave Is Kept CleanBlind Melon Jefferson
8Granny Will You Dog BiteVarious Artists
9BatalVarious Artists
10NyawalaVarious Artists
11Quittin' Time SongVarious Artists
12Solo SongVarious Artists
13Stack O' DollarsBig Joe Williams
14GogeVarious Artists
15Grinding SongVarious Artists
16Hard Working WomanVarious Artists
17TimbrhVarious Artists
18Poor Boy Long Way from HomeRobert Belfour
19Court Music of the Lamido of ToungoVarious Artists
20Small AgeitaVarious Artists
21The HoundsNapoleon Strickland
22Nyanga PanpipesVarious Artists
23Emmaline, Take Yo TimeSid Hemphill
24Rock 'n' Roll BluesMose Vinson
25Mbo TonVarious Artists
26Song of the Kutin BellsVarious Artists
27Tikar Mourning SongVarious Artists
28Mean Conductor BluesEd Bell
29Ibaye IbayeVarious Artists
304 Th Avenue BluesVarious Artists
31Mafelo TwistVarious Artists
32Chipiloni ChanjamileVarious Artists
33Antagonism SongVarious Artists
34Mwena Kaji ActiwaVarious Artists
35Dyula SongVarious Artists
36Yer Sabou YerkoyAli Farka Touré

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